Trampoline Day Melbourne

A self-organising event for those who find the world interesting, have something to share & have an inquisitive mind.

Event Description

Attendees are expected to come along with participation in mind and share what they find amazing to an audience that is up for cross disciplinary discussion.

The goal is to cover subjects that will be appealing across different disciplines. Technical or business-focused, environmental or social, new or old, complex or simple‚ as long as the ideas are interesting and you find them amazing, they’ll fit right in.

Here's just a handful of topics that have been covered in previous events:

Intergenerational Learning
Wine Tasting
The 1000-Year Old Human
How to Juggle
Similarities between Improvisational Comedy and Entrepreneurship
3D Printers
Mass Collaboration, Free Information and the Semantic Web
Complexity and Chaos

Sponsor Packages

Our humble abode

House us! Help us host our hot bed of new connections and aha! moments in the wonderful donkeywheelhouse a central and accessible venue in the heart of the city that's dedicated to being a platform for social change in Melbourne.

Superstar supporter

Nourish us! We don't need much, only delicious fair trade espresso coffee and refreshments to keep the ideas and inspiration flowing...

Trampoline wine down

Host our Trampoline afterparty! All that we ask if that you're a short walk away and can shout us the first round of drinks and a couple bowls of chips.

Trampoline machine

Help us to support and give back to all the amazing Trampoline crew who have made this wonderful day happen all over Australia since 2009! Help us to continue to bring this event to the incredible Melbourne community by chipping into some of our running costs.