Arty P'Arty - Cocktail party & Arty workshops

Arty P’Arty is a unique branded monthly cocktail party with 6-10 different workshops are on offer during each party.

Event Description

Why your company will achieve a high level of success with Arty P’Arty:
• Arty P’Arty will reach people throughout Australia, starting in Perth and later launching in Melbourne and Sydney.
• Social and consumer behaviour indicate the offer of short-courses and workshops has increased significantly over the last 2 years.
• There are more single adults over the age of 30 than previous decades; Arty P’Arty fills a gap in the options available to this target market for evening social events.
• The rise in social media consumption shows a shift in the way people interact with brands and absorb content; Arty P’Arty encourages people to share your brand.
• To reach the maximum in participation, the Arty P’Arty platform is set up so that guests experience something different at each event.
• Arty P’Arty is a new and exciting alternative to the basic after-work networking events, and incorporates community awareness of local businesses and artists.
• Arty P’Arty will allow people to party differently and party with a purpose.

Event Snapshot:
• A night out in a fun and original environment to spend time with colleagues, friends, significant others and meet new people.
• Provides an opportunity to get a snapshot of various art disciplines.
• Exclusive, social and sophisticated ambiance.
• Multicultural vibe, upbeat music and dancing.
• Energetic performers, bar staff and artists.
• Sensory stimulation, live creating and performing.
• Prestigious venue: galleries, luxurious hotels or historical buildings.

Active engagement in social media
• Instagram contest with #yourbrand to win tickets and other donated art based prizes. This can be altered to accommodate your specific message at the time.
• Youtube videos of live performance art and cheeky games such as truth and dare at surprise
• Perth CBD locations uploaded to youtube, buzzfeed, huffington post, gawker for viral distribution.
• Cross promotion with participating artists and business in Perth.
Marketing campaign utilizing traditional and online media.
• Announcements featured in: The West Australian, The Sunday Times, Geraldton Guardian, Fremantle Gazette, Fremantle Herald, The Perth Voice, Out in Perth, X-press Magazine
• City Event Guide Sites:,,,,,,,
• Perth City Bloggers:,,

Sponsor Packages


Your brand is going to ride on the success of this trending event. Monthly art centred cocktail parties in the CBD have been wildly successful in major US cities (including Los Angeles, Miami, Boston, New York and San Francisco) and throughout Europe. Arty P’Arty has expanded on this theme, to fuse cocktail parties with active social participation in the arts. Jump on this opportunity to be a part of an exciting and innovative new event in Perth!

Highlights of this sponsorship package include:

  • Aligns your company with a NEW, BIG, and EXCITING event in Perth!
  • Get fresh eyes on your brand from an influential target demographic from the CBD.
  • National exposure at all Arty P’Arty Australia events.
  • Be seen as one of the first collaborators on this trendsetting fusion.
  • Shows support for local businesses and the community.
  • Association with the Arty P’Arty vibe of Sexy, Sophisticated, Fun and Playful!


  • Recognition of company, logo, link to business and brief profile published on the event website ( and social media event pages.
  • Recognition of company and logo in public relations promotional material.
  • Recognition of company in radio and print media announcements.
  • Banners and promotional material (as supplied by sponsor) placed in high traffic areas around the venue for the duration of the event.
  • Two free tickets each month for your employees