Rails Camp Sydney 2015

The 17th Australian edition of the wonderful event that is Rails Camp.

Event Description

Rails Camp is a place for people interested in web technologies to gather, network, share ideas and generally have a great time. While there's a general focus on Ruby (and Rails) developers and technical people of any background are encouraged to attend.

Sponsors will get exposure to more than 100 developers via:

  • the Rails Camp website
  • email leading up to Rails Camp
  • announcements at the start of, throughout, and at the end of Rails Camp
  • the opportunity to talk to everyone at the camp on the final night
  • any swag that you choose to make available
  • Twitter
  • email following the event

Via all the methods above, the Rails Camp organisers will endeavour to provide fair distribution of promotion according to the relative amounts contributed by sponsors.

Thank you to all our sponsors for their generosity. See our site to see who all these wonderful companies are!

Sponsor Packages