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Get out of your way

We understand that talking to people is a major part of organizing an event. That's why we take a step back and let you handle the negotiations. We simply try to aid in connecting both interested parties.

Create your beautiful event details page with your sponsor package information. Send your event page out to potential sponsors. Easily manage the availability of the packages as you find sponsors.

Make mangement easy

Managing any sized event can be stressful. Our system tries to eliminate the headaches associated with sponsorships. Send your potential sponsors to your event details page and at a glance they can easily see the status of the event and the sponsor packages available.

We make it easy to setup the event page and the sponsorship packages. With one click you can adjust the quantity of the packages as you find your sponsors.

Here to help

Events are a lot of work. We take sponsorships seriously and understand they are a vital aspect to running a successful event of any size.

If you have any questions or feedback please let us know.

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